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This table shows how to use the items you entered to achieve maximum level for your original gear. The value listed in each column (besides result) shows the value of the item you should use as infusion fuel next. The row highlighted in green shows the recommended infusion path (pretty much the highest number you can achieve in the fewest amount of moves possible).

To follow this table, infuse your original item with the item in 'step 1', if you wish to do more infusions, infuse the item in 'step 2' and so on, in to the result from the previous step.

This allows you to chose if doing an extra infusion is worth the extra cost (legendary marks, etc)


Developed by Matt Altepeter | Add me on Xbox One: COUGAR CHAS3R | Donate

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  • Maximum values of 320
  • Infusion fuel items must be greater than the original value, or it will not work
  • I am using banker's rounding as /u/Aleksandyr and /u/Apswny have done amazing work and determined that is the most accurate rounding function we have tried to date
  • This is not the official equation Bungie uses and does not claim to 100% correctly predict the result of infusion. It is purely a tool for estimation.
  • If you see a missing image icon and/or a two digit value in the text box, it is because the item is protected by bungie from data mining and I am unable to retrieve the true details of the piece of gear
  • Once you have loaded up your character, enter new numbers, and click 'Update' to see how your light level will change
  • January 26, 2016
    • Added the ability to automatically load your characters on the light calculator if the URL contains your platform and gamertag. When the calculator loads your characters, it should prompt you to bookmark the URL which will contain your platform and gamertag. Make sure you bookmark it to ensure quick access!
  • November 2, 2015
    • Added the ability to provide feedback on infusion results. Simply select if the my calculator was right or not and the path you took for infusion. If my calculation wasn't correct, enter the value the game gave you. I will use this to gauge accuracy of my calculator. Click the button above to view the feedback results.
  • October 29, 2015
    • Added 'revert' button to light calculator to reset the item text boxes and your light level to your selected character
    • Made the update/revert/light level container stay fixed while you scroll. You may experience some delay on iOS before the buttons jump down to where you have scrolled
    • Direct linking to apps! Now you can visit http://mattaltepeter.com/destiny/?p=[app-name] where app name can equal infusion, light, or about. This allows you to set bookmarks (especially on your phone) for quick access to the app you need