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Destiny Light Level Calculator

Link to application:

Hello everyone! I am active player in Bungie’s space adventure shooter Destiny. Bungie recently rolled out the latest expansion, The Taken King, and a host of changes to the way the game calculates your level and a new way to infuse lower value gear with higher value gear. So I decided to throw together a quick calculator that would help fellow players figure out their light level if they were to equip a new piece of gear and to see the result of a possible infusion before they use their valuable resources on it.

Originally, one had to enter all of the values manually, but since Bungie has a fantastic API for developers to scrape data from their databases, I decided to extend the calculator a bit further, while keeping the application quick and simple.

  1. Select either Xbox Live or Playstation Network depending on which platform you play on
  2. Enter your gamertag
  3. Select your character from the list that appears
  4. The application will then pull information for all of the items you have equipped and automatically fill in the respective text boxes
  5. Now you can play with entering new values to see how getting that sweet new piece of gear would increase your level


Screen Shot 2015-11-19 at 1.59.02 PM


Screen Shot 2015-11-19 at 1.59.52 PM

Go ahead and check out the calculator here!

Also, for those interested, I have made the source code available on GitHub.



I have made a lot of updates to this since I originally posted here and thought I would update everyone interested. First of all, I updated the UI so it is much more friendly on mobile devices.

The infusion calculator has been updated a lot. Now instead of only being able to do one infusion at a time, you can enter up to six items you wish to use on ‘infusion fuel.’ My calculator will calculate all possible infusion results and tell you the maximum end result achievable for each number of steps (1-6). This is useful as infusion costs players materials and if a player doesn’t have enough, they can choose to not do some steps if they don’t think the extra point or two would be worth it. I added a way for users to let me know if my infusion calculation was correct or not (results can be viewed here) so I can try to make the calculator as accurate as possible.

The light level calculator hasn’t seen as many updates, but I did add a way for users to revert back to the values that are currently equipped on his or her character with the click of a button (you used to have to reload the page to do so). Also, if the inventory for a given character has already been loaded once (by clicking on said character) and you click on another character only to come back to the original, it no longer makes another API call as all of the necessary info is stored in the browser.

I also developed a full suite of analytics that can tell me and the community what people are doing on my site. Check them out here.

A lot of changes have been made under the hood as well, but you can check those out at the GitHub repo linked above.